Rights At Work Activity Sheet

This quiz session is consistent with employment law.


When you first enter the world of work you may be unsure of your rights regarding pay, holidays, rest breaks etc. This activity is aimed at giving you an opportunity to discuss and identify some of the key rights at work, and to help clarify any areas of uncertainty.

True or False

  1. The Minimum Wage for adults (over 23 years of age) is £10 per hour.
  2. There is a Minimum Wage for young people aged between 16 and 17.
  3. A full-time employee is entitled to 4 weeks paid holiday a year.
  4. There is a legal right to join a trade union in the UK and Scotland.
  5. For every 6 hours a worker has a right to 1 hour’s rest
  6. Workers must be paid for their lunch break.
  7. It is legal to pay women less than men in the UK for similar jobs or like work?
  8. Young workers have the right to receive a contract of employment?

Terry Anderson, Support@Work Manager, STUC. 2022