Support@Work, funded since 2005 by Capital City Partnership and City of Edinburgh Council is managed by Edinburgh TUC and supported by the STUC, since 2009 we have also had a partnership agreement with NHS Lothian Work Support Services and The Works (NHS Lothian Mental Health Support Team). The Project provides crucial support for those entering the workplace, or returning to work after unemployment, caring responsibilities, or short/long-term sick leave. 80% plus of our service users have disabilities as defined under The Equality Act.

Support@Work operates on the premise that early intervention is best:  the sooner a worker engages in seeking to resolve issues in the workplace, the more likely they are to deal with them properly and fairly – and this helps sustain employment.   We provide information, case work support and advice plus training on issues which, if not dealt with correctly, can leave some workers feeling under-valued, threatened and often eventually out of work. Our service fulfils several objectives:  the practical assistance we provide is also a learning experience and we advise all clients to join relevant work sector unions.

Support@Work TEAM


The STUC Union & Community Development Officer, and Support@Work Project Manager, Terry is an experienced trade union organiser and caseworker who also plans, co-ordinates and delivers case work and training. 


Team trainer and caseworker is an experienced trade union official. Des is Secretary of Edinburgh TUC and of the UNITE Edinburgh Voluntary Sector Branch. 

Carmen SIMON

Carmen assists with initial call queries, collating evidence, updating case files, planning training in the community, translation services and admin duties.

Further information

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Terry Anderson (Support@Work Manager)

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Tel: 0800 0283 280