Equal Rights Activity Sheet

This quiz session is consistent with employment law 2021/2022 plus UK and Scottish government guidance on workplaces for Covid 19 situation


When you first enter the world of work you may be unsure of your rights. You would hope to be treated fairly, and to not be discriminated against.

This activity is aimed at giving you an opportunity to discuss and identify some of the key equal rights at work, and to help clarify any areas of uncertainty. The quiz has been updated to consider some specific Covid 19 related equality issues.

Your tutor will allocate you into small working groups. In your group read and discuss each of the statements below. Try to agree whether you think each of the statements is true of false, if you cannot reach an agreement discuss and feedback the varying perspectives.

True or False

  1. Disabled people are protected from discrimination at work.
  2. Employees must stop work when they are 65.
  3. Part-time workers should get a lower percentage of holidays than full-time workers.
  4. Men and women must be paid the same rates of pay if they do a similar job or like work.
  5. If employers do not agree with trade unions, they can stop workers from joining, and if workers do join then the employers can discipline them.
  6. Employers must ask a person’s religion or belief when interviewing them for a job.
  7. Making a joke about someone’s disability, race or religion is not discrimination.
  8. If you are pregnant you have no entitlement to return to their original job after having your baby.
  9. Employers are not expected to make changes to the workplace to accommodate disabled workers.
  10. Most health conditions and disabilities are visible.

Terry Anderson, Support@Work Manager, STUC. 2022